Thursday, 4 July 2013

[Review] Curvy Kate Smoothie in Raspberry - 28DD

I strongly prefer padded and moulded bras: they give me the best shape underneath clothes. When I heard an entire new model, manufactured by Curvy Kate, was to become available, I was immediately excited. When I looked at the design, I fell in love. I love Leopard prints: I know it's tacky, but I can't help myself. It's a Jersey Thing. I waited for a 20% off deal from Figleaves, and ordered it in two sizes: 28DD and 28E. The 28E was too big, giving me empty space on the sides, and the 28DD is slightly too small. I kept the 28DD, which is the one I'll be reviewing. 

Curvy Kate's first moulded t-shirt bra, the only one out there available up to J cup. The Smoothie is a seamless, padded, moulded t-shirt bra, currently available in continuity colours Black and Blush, and fashion colour Raspberry (SS2013). 


I got the Smoothie in 'Raspberry', a bright hot pink colour, that immediately catches your eye. The cups feature a subtle leopard print pattern, which is not notable under clothes. A pink bow adorned with a diamond droplet sits in the centre.  


A narrow band with 3 hooks and 2 eyes. The band feels okay, I'd say it's pretty close to a true 28". Band and wings are made of strong patterned material, the rest of the band made of stretchy mesh material.


Based on Curvy Kate's unpadded styles, it's leans more towards a traditional balconette shape, only with a lower center gore. The cups feature a subtle leopard print, are made of a thin foam lining, and are cut low enough to wear with low cut tops. Not sure if they're true to size: the difference between 28DD and 28E seemed to me more than a cup, so sizing seems tricky.

Center Gore & Wires
The center gore is a cross between a traditional high balconette gore and a low plunge gore: slightly higher than a plunges, lower than a balconette. Wires come up low in the armpit, and are of narrow to medium width. 

Fully adjustable, raspberry coloured satin straps. Straps are usual placement; not especially suited for my very narrow shoulders, but wearable. Straps feature a tiny raspberry coloured bow on both sides where they meet the cups.


The cups are slightly too small; they cut off my breast tissue on top, and when I swoop and scoop I get quadboob. As the band is too big, I leak out after a while and I have to scoop and swoop again. The straps tend to slip off as well, and I have to readjust them constantly. Despite the issues, it gives excellent shape underneath clothes, and I still feel supported enough. 

One of the most comfortable bras I own! This one causes minimal wire digging, both at the end and in the sternum (the extremely painful digging of the wires is a problem often reported with Curvy Kate bras). The foamlining is soft, the straps are made of a soft satin material, and the mesh part of the band does not scratch or irritate in any way.

I wish I could get this a half size bigger;  the way it is it's slightly too small, though not unwearable. It's a good one for those looking for a comfortable t-shirt bra., even if the sizing is a bit odd. You may want to order two cup sizes to figure out your size, and/or size down in the band (or wear it with a Rixie clip). It's a great alternative for those needing a moulded bra who can't get along with the Freya Deco.

  • You can find Smoothie's measurements over at Bratabase
  • Available in sizes 28-30 D-J, 32D-HH, 34D-H, 36D-GG, 38D-G at a.o. Brastop, who ships internationally. 
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